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Our Palm Trees

Specializing in Palm Trees

Browse our specimens below

Canary Island - "Phoenix Canariensis"

Canary Island Date Palm 15 Gallon - 15' BTH

Pineapple cut available upon request

Pindo - "Butia Capitata"

Pino Palm 5 Gallon to 24" box 

Sizes & quantity subject to availability

Mediteranean - "Chamerops Humilis"

Mediterranean Fan Palm 5 Gallon to 60" box 

Various sizes, configuration, trunks, and quantities available 


Robellini Palms 5 Gallon to 24" box

Various sizes, configuration, trunks and quantities available 

Mexican Blue  "Brahea Armata"

Mexican Blue Palm 5 Gallon to 24" box 

Sizes and quantity limited

California Fan - "Washingtonia Filifera"

California Fan 5 Gallon to 20' BTH 

Skinned or unskinned 

Natural with skirts or clean

Edible Date  - "Phoenix Dactyliferas"

Edible Date Palm 24" box to 20'  BTH 

Deglett & Medjool varieties available 

Date Shoots - "Phoenix Dactyliferas"

Barhi, Deglett, Halawie, Medjool, Zahidi  

All sizes and varieties available

Exotic & Specialty Plants

 Banana Plants, Agaves, Plumeria, Drought tolerant plants

 5 gal to 24" box and various varieties available

Mexican Fan - "Wahingtonia Robusta"

Mexican Fan Palm 5 Gallon to 20' BTH

Skinned or unskinned

Natural with skirts or clean

Purchase & Delivery Options


Prices provided upon request.

Open to the Public

Prices provided upon request.

Delivery  & Installation

Prices provided upon request.

Crane Service 

Prices provided upon request.

Please call or email for pricing

(760) 275-7453

33920 Washington St. 

Indio, Ca  92203

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